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Sublimation Process Disclaimer


Sublimation printing is a dye process that is printed on polyester materials. The dye sublimation process creates imperfections or creases that are unique to each garment. Common Areas are the Arm Pits, Sleeves, Shoulders, and Down the sides of shirts in particular. We do try our hardest to avoid this but it does happen.

Sublimation printing goes by a few names’ online 3D Shirts & All over Shirts.


I agree and understand that some items using the sublimation process will have some imperfections in certain areas of the products.

You understand and agree that some items will not all be exactly the same because they are handmade. They may differ just a little, but we try our best to avoid this, but sometimes this can happen.

Due to the pressing process, there may be slight misprints to the armpit area and seams leaving white marks, this is where the design has been pressed onto the shirt and there may have been a small crease. When making such purchases that require the sublimation process you are agreeing to these terms.